Andrew Eckblad

Andrew Eckblad is an imaginative storyteller, a meticulous sculpture of light and shadow. As a highly instinctual filmmaker, his choices propel narrative with cinematic style and substance.

Andrew began making films at an early age. He spent countless hours transforming his childhood surroundings into far away places. “I turned the whole neighborhood into a back lot. I used every available resource to make my first films possible. Those early experiences taught me a lot about staging and perspective.”

While still in high school, Andrew directed the ambitions short film “Moment of Truth.”
To bring the look of war ravaged Vietnam to the screen; the young director executed a multiple day shoot complete with period costumes, weapons and special effects. Archival newsreel footage was then seamlessly integrated to heighten the projects gritty realism.

Shortly after graduation, Andrew directed his first 35mm short entitled “Dream On.”
The experience of working with industry professionals enhanced his rapidly growing command of the movie making process.

In 2003, a meeting with fashion photographer Brandon Walker ignited a career move. As the co founders of Second Star Entertainment, the partners created the original cable Series In True Fashion. Considered the most celebrated series ever conceived for a VOD audience, Andrew’s innovative work as producer, director and editor was recognized with 5 regional Emmy awards.

A passion for filmmaking kept Andrew’s creative fire alive. In 2008, he conceived his latest project entitled Brite Eyes. His original script and storyboards convinced Panavision to award him the coveted New Filmmaker Grant. Armed with Panavision’s support and a singular vision, the writer/director began production on his most demanding film to date. Under Andrew’s creative direction, the Brite Eyes set was alive with forty cast members and a twenty-person crew. During the course of the four day shoot, multiple cameras rolled including a critical high speed camera which consumed four thousand feet of raw stock. Atmospheric elements were employed to underscore the films more sinister moments. Nearly four thousand gallons of water poured from rain towers, ensuring saturation for slow motion photography.

Today Andrew is considered a filmmaker to watch, challenging himself with ambitious projects that are typically outside the scope of young filmmakers.

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