Jah Shams

Alright! This LA native played his idol Paul Robeson in The Emperor's Last Performance (11' NAACP Theatre Awards).  Stared in hit plays like Grandpa's Truth, Men Cry Too (09' NAACP Theatre Award Nominee), and Bus Stop.  Co-starred in the NBC series Studio 60, Criminal Minds, and CW's Privileged.  Illustrating creativity and a sense of humor in films like Dilemma, Nerd Boy, Special Dead, and April's Fools.  Jah Shams has, produced feature films, and short films; however it is under his company B. Sun Productions that he starred in, executive produced, and co-wrote the feature film "10-20," which won the 7th Annual Martha's Vineyard African-American Film Festival's top award, Best Feature Film in 2009. 


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