Rube - Jamie Nieto – SAGe Actor, Writer, U.S. Olympic Athlete

Jamie Nieto was born in Seattle, Washington. Nieto was raised as an only child in a single parent home in Sacramento, California. Nieto is an Olympian and a professional Track and Field Athlete. Nieto placed 4th at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece as a High Jumper.

Seeing his mortality as an elite athlete and planning to retire after the Olympic Games in 2012. Nieto decided to pursue his childhood love for movies and acting while still competing. Nieto started vigorously working on his craft in 2007, by doing shorts films, student films, web series, commercials, and taking classes.

Nieto did his first feature film in 2009 and since has starred and been featured in 5 others films to date. Nieto's first starring role in a feature film was "The Encounter." Other film credits include: Kontrast, Jerusalem Countdown, Red Line, and Baseball's Last Hero; The Roberto Clemente Story where Nieto is playing the lead role of Roberto Clemente.
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