Jensen Jimerson

Jensen Jimerson, originally from Inglewood, California, has a Bachelor of Science
in Business Finance from North Carolina A&T State University. Although new to
the acting world, Jensen did not take long proving himself as having raw talent
throughout Los Angeles and Hollywood. He was most recently seen as the love
interest in the 2011 "Good Man" video by Raphael Saadiq. Jensen has been in several
short films and theatrical performances, including Bill Duke's "Jungle Kings" as well
as other independent projects.

When Jensen is not in front of the camera, he can be seen snowboarding down steep
slopes at different ski resorts. Being a world traveler, Jensen enjoys visiting different
countries and learning about different cultures. He can be seen snorkeling in Costa
Rica or zip lining in Cancun.

This dare devilish, athletic and talented individual will stop at nothing to be the best
and live life to the fullest. There is so much more that he has to show the world. Stay


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